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Flexographic Printing Machine for Folding Boxes

Printing Press Model  P.T.S. – 2012-2


Our new folding box printing machine is a two or three-color, flexographic printing sheeter. It can print on clay, A, B flute corrugated board up to 120 sheets per min. Maximum printing–45” x 30” repeat; minimum 7-1/4". Setup time is 5 to 7 min with a very small misprint. Only requires one-man operation. Compact size – O.A.D. 70” W x 90” L  [no stacker] x 40” H. Total 13 H.P. 5 electric motors. Requires air supply and vacuum.

Many innovations are combined on this machine, resulting in quick setup and plate changeover. Mount printing plates have J Bar lock system. Side-to-side registration is controlled by a manual handle; lateral registration by numeric input by either HMI panel by servo motors. Kicker adjustment from 0.0” to .0125”, by one screw and pneumatically retracting to off position down with vacuum assist for better performance.

Front feed guides are adjustable using micrometer screws with 0.001” tolerance, and they have vacuum assist. Feed rolls individually adjust with one knob. Dr. Blade ink system pneumatically adjusts by bladder and is regulated by one knob. Chrome or ceramic [costumer must specify finish and volume] Anilox cylinders adjust by one knob. Pneumatic throw in and out system for printing section. Makes an excellent pizza box printing machine or bakery box printing machine. We also making printers to print on paper  bags and plastic bags, with automatic vacuum feeder. Perfect for printing on corrugated box / paper.



View this demonstration of the new flexographic sheeter / printer:

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  • PTS 2012-2
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  • Side registration and transfer rolls adjustment
  • Spare parts-new cylinder